The Grand Comeback of the Boardwalk Сlub

The Boardwalk club was a well known club back in the late 70s, 1980s and early 1990s. The club located in Manchester, England was popular for live music bands such as the North side and Oasis. The clash band also made their first gig at the boardwalk club in 1976. Many locals loved the boardwalk club because of the live bands. Unfortunately, the club closed down in 1999.

Good news is, the club managed to make a spectacular comeback. Thanks to one of the sponsors, an established and successful Forex broker, the club is back to being a favorite among many people. There have been a lot of positive reviews on the new club.

Great Food

Most of the customers that visit boardwalk club have been impressed by the good food. The quality of food can either make or break a business. Boardwalk club prides itself in delivering good and healthy food.

Quality food also helps in retaining customers. Good food also increases the customer’s’ confidence. The customers are rest assured that they will not develop any stomach complications afterwards.

Excellent Customer Service

Good customer service skills cannot be overemphasized. The way you handle a customer determines whether the customer will consider coming back to your club. Boardwalk club has staffs that are well trained on good customer service skills. From the bouncer or security person at the door, to the chefs in the kitchen, all of them know how to handle clients with respect.

Good Entertainment

Boardwalk club has invested in talented dancers that ensure the customers are well entertained at all times. There is no room for getting bored. The overall ambiance in the club is welcoming. Most of the customers have testified to having a great time in the club. The dancers also mingle with the customers ensuring everyone is having fun.

VIP Area

This is another great feature of the club. Customers that just want to sit and enjoy themselves without any distractions can sit at the VIP area. The VIP area is a secluded area where the music is controlled, it is not so loud and it is generally a peaceful area for relaxing. If you had a long day and just want to sit and enjoy your drink, the boardwalk VIP area is best for you.

Clean Washrooms

This is another aspect that cannot be overemphasized. Maintaining good hygiene is a must especially in a place that is frequently visited by different people.

The boardwalk club has enough cleaners that ensure the washrooms are clean at all times. The last thing you want is to go out for a fun night and end up with an infection from the washroom.

Quality Drinks

Most of the drinks at the boardwalk club are high end. Some people have written reviews of the drinks being pricey. That is not a bad thing. Quality drinks are definitely expensive.

The drinks also serve as a way of sieving the kind of people that visit boardwalk. The expensive drinks ensure that majority of the clients are high end clients.

All in all, if you are looking to have a good time, eat good food and experience great customer service, the boardwalk club is the best place to be. Whether you are alone or not, the dancers will ensure you have a great time.