Why a Local Club is a Good Starting Point for Upcoming Bands

Posted by theboardwalklive.co.uk on 08/21/2017 in Legendary groups

The Arctic Monkeys in Boardwalk Club

Every band or musical group starts from somewhere. Most of the famous bands started from humble beginnings, performing at the local clubs. This is the most realistic way of starting out. Some of the famous bands such as Bring Me the Horizon, a British rock band formed in 2004 started out performing in clubs. The band managed to grow and with time they achieved international fame.

arctic monkeys in Boardwalk Club

They achieved Gold Certification in Australia and silver in United Kingdom for one of their major albums. They also receive major awards like the Kerrang award, best live band and best British band. This article will highlight why a local club is the best place to start out.

  • Cheap

A group that is starting out does most of the time does not have have money to hire grounds for a concert. The local club is the best place to start. It only requires you to talk to the club owner to give you a chance to entertain the visitors of the club. Most of the time it is a win win situation for the club owner, the visitors and you.

The club owner will get more revenue from the people in the club. Studies have shown that people are more likely to spend money on food and drinks in a place where some sort of entertainment is available. The visitors will be get a free concert and you on the other hand will have a platform to showcase your talents and skill.

  • Fame

Most of the groups started from humble beginnings. There are many groups that started out in local clubs and got referrals to perform in major concerts. In the local club you get free publicity which is not bad.

You get a chance to entertain people and also market yourselves. If you are good enough you stand a chance of getting funding from sponsors to promote your brand. You may also get a chance to perform in other local functions. Every humble platform you get to showcase your talent goes a long way.

  • Reviews

Performing at a local club is a great chance of getting honest reviews. After the gig you can approach the guests and ask them what they thought of the performance. The feedback will help strengthen your band.

bring me to the horizon in Boardwalk Club

You get a chance to work on the weak spots and also grow your strong points. Therefore by the time you are getting the major concerts, you will have perfected the weak areas.

The Arctic Monkeys rock band formed in 2002 also started from performing at the Boardwalk Club in Sheffield to international level. The band performed its first gig at the Grapes in the Sheffield city center. The band is known for their debut album which is the fastest- selling album. They also won several awards and was nominated for three Grammy awards. This goes a long way to show that humble beginnings lead to greater achievements.

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  1. Mary Ly says:

    It’s great that for several decades already such legendary music bands have started playing in a club.

  2. Patricia says:

    What? Is this really true? Arctic Monkeys started here?

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