The Rise of the Famous Clash Band

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The Clash

The Clash was a famous rock band that was formed in 1976 in London. The group comprised of four members; Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Nicky Headon. Joe was best at the rhythm guitar, Paul Simonon was beat at backing vocals and bass guitar, Mick Jones was the lead guitar and Nicky specialized in drumming.

The Clash

The Clash band was loved for their unique music. Though they branded themselves as a punk rock group, their music had bits of reggae, dub, rockabilly, funk and ska genres. Most of their songs reflected on sensitive issues within the society which most people preferred to turn a blind eye to.  They had several hit songs that focused on;

  • Poverty
  • Injustices in the society
  • People’s fear of addressing issues that affect themselves
  • Mediocrity in politics.
  • Monarchy and aristocracy

The clash was termed as a rebellious group which was not a bad thing since it made them even more popular. They were also against nihilism and they supported movements such as the anti-Nazi league. They were even courageous enough to hold controversial concerts such as Rock against Racism. The concert was held in Victoria Park in London and surprisingly there was a crowd of 50-100,000 people.

Despite the many achievements the group had, their humble beginning cannot be overlooked. Before all the fame came around, the clash used to perform in small clubs and crowds. The first Clash concert held at Boardwalk Club was very memorable.

The Boardwalk club located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England was a club famous for hosting upcoming bands. Unfortunately the club later closed down but it will forever be remembered. The clash performed for the first time at the Boardwalk club. This was on 4th July 1976.

The club greatly contributed to the growth of the clash band. The Clash band got great reviews right from the first show. Many people were thrilled by the concert terming it as intimate, exciting and full of youthful energy. Their songs had a special way of calming people down despite all the issues experienced in the 70s.

The Clash

Mick was praised for high leaps, Topper was praised for his steady groove, Paul was remembered for his cool sway and Joe was remembered for his incredible intensity. Most of the people felt a personal connection with Joe. Some fans claim that there will never be another thrilling concert like that of the Clash band. The first concert was also in support of the sex pistols at the Sheffield’s Black Swan Pub which was later renamed to Boardwalk. Their support for the sex pistols was not easy since it was a rival band.

The Clash will forever be remembered for their courage in addressing issues that affected the society. Especially at a time where many people were afraid of speaking up.

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