How to Make the Best of Your Salary

When we get paid, it can often seem like the money just disappears and we hardly know what it is spent on. It can feel like we get no enjoyment out of the money because it is all gone on bills and things and we may even have to borrow some at the end of the month as there is not enough left. However, there are things that we can do to make it easier to see where the money is going and perhaps so that we can have some left at the end of the month as well to spend on fun things.

  • Keep a track of your bank balance – it is wise to regularly monitor your bank balance. Sometimes it can seem like there is suddenly no money in the account, but unless we carefully track it and look into whether money is there, then we can easily go overdrawn or get into financial difficulties. It can be wise to take a look at it every week or even more often to see what your balance is. Perhaps when you are at an ATM check the balance, but it could be better to keep a check on it online as you will be able to see what transactions are happening and when, so you can see when money might be due to go out. If you have direct debits and standing orders, it can be wise to get them all to leave the account just after you get paid. This not only means that you are more likely to have the money available to pay them but also you will know how much you have left to spend on other things.
  • Check you are not overpaying for things – it is wise to take a look at the things that you are buying and make sure that you are not paying more than necessary. Often, the things that we buy are available from multiple places. This means that you will be wise to compare those different places and see whether you can find the items cheaper elsewhere. It might be that you can switch suppliers or retailers and save a significant amount of money. It can be much easier than many people think to switch and therefore it is well worth looking into. You could save money on a selection of things from insurance to electricity and all of those savings could add up to a significant amount.
  • Ensure your tax code is correct – some people are paying more tax than necessary. It is worth making sure that your tax code is correct by checking with inland revenue. Many people assume that it is up to their employer to check that this is correct, but it is not their responsibility. It is simple enough to contact the inland revenue and just check the details with them. You may even be due a tax refund if the code is incorrect.
  • Pay off your debts – if you have a lot of debt then this could be contributing to you having a lack of funds. This might seem odd as you may feel that the debt will actually allow you to have extra money. Of course, when you borrow money you do have access to more. However, you have to pay interest on the money that you have borrowed. This will mean that you will be paying some out each month for that. If you have a loan, even with no credit check, mortgage, credit card and overdraft, this could add up to a significant chunk of money. In the short term, doing nothing will be cheaper, but in the long term it can make sense to repay some of the debt and then you will be paying out less in interest and you will have more money available to spend on other things as a result.
  • Monitor your purchases – it is worth making a careful note of what you are buying with your salary. This is wise because then you will know exactly where your money is going. This will allow you to be able to monitor things and make sure that you are spending your money on things that you really want. Obviously, you will need to buy necessities such as rent or mortgage, tax, water and electricity but there are many things that we buy that are not necessary and we need to make sure that we prioritise these so that we only buy the things that we really need.

Hopefully, if you try these things you will find that your salary will go further. This will mean that you will be able to enjoy it more and it will not just seem to disappear before you know it. It will mean that you will have to do a few things to make sure that you are not overspending but that will be worth it if you feel more in control and have more fun with your money.